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Term 5

Guildhall trip
Swings on the trip


As ever Squirrel class have had a very busy term. We have thoroughly enjoyed our topic on Dinosaurs and have learnt so much about them. We have learnt lots of new vocabulary that we are using in our writing such as extinct, fossil, herbivore, carnivore, asteroid and supernova!

In English we have written dinosaur stories and poems. We put actions to our poems and each group performed their poem to the class.

We have completed lots of dinosaur activities to do with our topic. In Art we made stegosaurus masks and paper plate diplodocus. In DT we made slider mechanism moving dinosaurs and dinosaur claw biscuits.

What else happened this Term?

The highlight of the term was our trip to the Guildhall Museum. Jeremy showed us his collection of fossils that included a woolly mammoth’s tooth and a shark’s tooth which was great. While we were there we also saw a model of Charles Dickens which was very exciting as we learnt about this local famous person last term. We loved having our packed lunch in the museum! Fortunately the weather stayed dry and we played on the swings at Jacksons too.

This term we have also led assembly for the school and our special adults. Our assembly celebrated some of the things we have learnt about dinosaurs, including lots of facts about them and possible ways in which the dinosaurs became extinct. We showed our dinosaur masks and our slider mechanism moving dinosaurs. We sang our new dinosaur song!

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